About me

When we are exploring the world from a place of discomfort, that is usually when we will be learning the most. @TheMinimalists


Consultant, full stack developer, devops engineer and speaker with 20+ years of experience in the IT business. I hold a degree in computer science and work as a freelancer. I’m passionate about agile development, automation, open source and security, twelve factor methodology , REWORK and Deep Work. See my current development stack.

I’m interested in minimalist lifestyle, photography, cooking, music, guitar playing. I like to travel, cycle, run, hike and climb.

What I consider important: My family, sustainabilty, energy revolution. Things that annoy me: Unreliability, bad time- and self-management, SUVs.

If you would like to know more about me and my skills just drop me a line.


  • 25+ years experience in IT
  • 280 customers of own software product in healthcare
  • 150.000+ pages CMS managed and operated
  • 1 product killed before launch
  • 10+ open source projects contributing to
  • Millions of social media messages processed via APIs
  • Dozens of presentations, workshops and talks made
  • 5 publications in professional journals
  • 3.5, relase since working with TYPO3
  • 2009, year since working with cloud, AWS, heroku
  • 4 marathons and half marathons run
  • 10000 km on the bicycle per year